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If you want to hold your celebration  in the banquet room of the restaurant, but also enjoy a great view from the balcony, a beautiful landscape with alpine slide, herbs and flowers, fresh air, then this hall  is for you!

Balcony is located on the 2nd floor of the restaurant complex, and enables you to feel complete pleasure  of all the delights of a holiday!

Balcony offers:

-scenic view of the landscaped area of the complex, is surrounded by pine trees, flowers and greenery;

-comfortable seats for guests in a banquet format (up to 30 people) and a cocktail party (50 people);

a proper musical setting, with a large screen TV, protection from insects in the summer;

-if weather changes balcony easily  transforms from open space into closed one, but remaining in the same beautiful light;

✓ For larger celebrations, it is possible to accommodate up to 300 people on the terrace above the Greek hall, great view, fresh air and all the services of a banquet hall for you.

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